Kibera slum tours

Our Kibera -based tour organisation would like to welcome you to a tour in Kibera, the largest slum in East- Africa and located inNairobi.


Experience a part of Kenya unseen by most tourists:
The friendliest slum in the world.

kibera_tours_I_0Our Kibera-based Dutch-Kenyan organisation “Kibera Tours“ would like to welcome you to a tour in Kibera, the biggest slum of East-Africa. Our guides Winnie and Freddy, born and living in Kibera, would like to show you the daily life in their ‘city of hope’. See the ways the people of Kibera improve their lives. Become inspired by their resilience and friendliness.

You ‘ll experience that the people of Kibera will certainly make you feel welcome. A security-guard, well-known in Kibera, will come on the tour to make you feel even more safe.

What we will visit and support

  • An orphanage/school built by ‘Kibera Tours’. Meet this impressive group of guides and look at their work in the childrens home\school center.
  • A bead factory: in Kibera everything is being reused and so are also the bones from the butcher. See how these bones turn into beads;
  • a typical Kibera-house. Feel welcome in one of the houses in Kibera and ask your questions about the day-to-day live in Kibera;
  • the biogas center: a fantastic view over Kibera and picture-point. You can see that also human waste is not wasted here;
  • HiV women Oganisation, Railway lines,  Toi Market, Kibera Drive, small pubs/clubs/stadiums along the streets with lovable people etc…



Costs: 2500 Ksh p.p.

By joining you will support the people of Kibera. The tour provides local employment and the profits will be used directly for projects to improve the lives of the people of Kibera.


  • Our Kibera tour will start from Adams Arcade (Java Coffee House) and will cost only 2500 Ksh per person. This will include a short walk over the Toi-market, the biggest second-hand market in Nairobi;
  • We can also organise the transport to Kibera from your hotel and back at extra costs (depending on the number of people).
  • You can join the tour in the morning or in the afternoon. It will take about 3 to 4 hours, including a 2-3 hour walk;
  • You’ll join the tour in a small group (max. 6 persons even more nowadays)
  • Our guides and safety guards are very well-known in Kibera and  are even born and living in Kibera;
  • Restricted-picture policy: Pictures are allowed at dedicated places after permission of the guides;
  • If you have wishes regarding places to visit, please feel free to ask us for a custom-made tour.
  • Our tours are recommendated by trip-Advisor,Lonely Planet,Rough guide and Faraway group (dutch tour groups)…
  • Find more information useful to prepare for the tour at useful information


For reservations:

For reservations or inquiries please  contact  Kibera Tours directly by phone:

Frederik 0723669218

Winnie 0707075291

or send an e-mail by using the contact form

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