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About Kibera Tours Nairobi

Here you can find reviews, the mission, organisation and the persons behind the tours of Kibera Tours Nairobi. 


Reviews of guests of Kibera Tours

This is what our guests said after joining about our tour, our organisation and about Kibera:

“The most beautiful day of our holiday in Kenya”

“Imformative, Impressive, personal”

“It feels safe”

” You are doing a great job”

“Very impressive and well-guided”

“The guide loves his Kibera, he was passioned and very funny and nice. To all our questions he had an answer and he hkew every place and gave us lots of info.”

“Very interesting to see. Unique experience! Friendly people! Solidarity and happiness. Impressive!”

“Impressive to see how strong the people are”

“strong community: many nice, inspiring and proud people”

“I thought first it was very dangerous, but now I think every one was friendly and helping each other’.

“The people are very friendly and they seem very happy”

Who is Kiberatours

We’d like to welcome you in Kibera:


From the left to the right:
Freddy, Winnie, and Esther

Omondi Fredrik Otieno (Freddy)

Freddy was also born in Kibera and has lived here for his whole life. He likes the fact that Kibera has a strong and united voice. Freddy works as a volunteer in the Kibera Youth Club to provide children after-school activities. Freddy likes working in the tourism-business and he’ll surely make you feel at home in Kibera. He will show you his Kibera, the  ‘city of hope’.

Freddy is the co-founder and is co-reposnsible for the organisation and guidance of the tours. He is also the contactperson for the following organisations we’ll be visiting along the route: Hope and shine kibera center, Kibera Youth Club. and anyother activity needed.

Winnie Muhonja (WInnie)

Winnie is living in Kibera. Her house is located near Olympic. She is a performer, likes to sing and dance.She’s worked for several NGO’s and likes to work with children, mainly because she’d like to make Kibera a better place to live in.

Winnie would like to welcome you in Kibera and show you around. He loves to talk about the positive sides of Kibera. So please feel free to ask everything you’d like to know about Kibera.

Winnie is the co-founder and is also reposnsible for the organisation and guidance of the tours. He is also the contactperson for the following organisations we’ll be visiting along the route: Hope and shine kibera center, Biogas center, walk through the railway line,house upgrading and the transport.

Esther Bloemenkamp

Esther has the Dutch nationality. She and her husband have adopted their son Barry, born in Kenya. During the adoption process they lived in Nairobi for over a half year.  Together with Winnie Freddy and Others, she started making an interesting tour that will not only show you Kibera as it is, but will also focus on the positive sides of Kibera. So you will feel inspired when you come back.

Esther is the co-founder of the tours.


Our mission is to promote Kibera as the city of hope.

We promote Kibera as a city of hope by organizing tours and showing the mostly unseen part of Kenya to tourists staying in Kenya. We show Kibera as it is. We visit different places with our guests to show them the positive sides of Kibera and the ways people try to improve their lives and work towards and hope for a better future.

We will also provide new hope by (co-)funding the projects and organisations that we will visit with our tours. Since we are a community-based non-profit organisation all our ‘profits’ go to Kibera-based projects to improve the lives of the children of Kibera. Futher the tours will provide employment for the people of Kibera.

In 2009 Kibera Tours started organizing tours within Kibera. The first tours were developed in cooperation with Swedish,Danish,Dutch etc adoption families and Sawadee. The enthousiastic reviews of the first tourists inspired us to go ahead and show Kibera to more and more tourists in Kenya.


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