To prepare the tour


The price of the tour is 2500 Ksh a person.
For residents we have special prices: 1500 Ksh P.p.( min 4 p)
If you’re in a group please contact us for special prices.

If you’d also like transportation to and from your hotel we’ll also be able to organize this. (see also the tour)

Useful information to prepare for the tour

We’d strongly like to advice you to:

  • Wear good walking shoes/boots. Preferably these shoes have closed noses, because of the possibility of mud and water along the way;
  • Don’t take unnecessary valuables to the tour like jewelry, watches or big cameras;
  • Please respect people’s privacy. So don’t peek through windows or doors and don’t make photographs of people without asking;
  • Please be restrictfull in taking pictures, both out of respect to the people as for the safety for yourself and your camera. There will be some dedicated picture-points, so you can definitely take a good picture of Kibera, like the overview of Kibera at the biogas center , inside the schools, the bead-factory and inside the jewelry-workshop. Please ask your tour guide permission before taking a picture;
  • If your children are coming on the tour, please make sure they can walk easily in a normal pace. If not, make sure you can carry them. Take note that the tour will require a 2 to 3 hour walk. Buggies are not an option;
  • Please don’t hand out anything during the tour. So don’t hand out money, sweets, pens, balloons and so on. This can create chaos and quickly may establish the assumption that tourists equal gifts;
  • If you ‘d like to donate anything to one of the organisations or people you’ve visited during the tour, you can do this after the tour. We will put up some boxes at the end of the tour for donations. If you’d like to bring clothing or other items, we will keep them for you in the bus during the tour, so you’ll be able to donate them after the tour;
  • Also take note that this is an all-inclusive tour. So we’ll provide some drinks and snacks and also the drivers, security people and guides will be paid a fair salary. Of course if you”d like to show your gratuity with your tour guide a tip will be highly appreciated. There will a tip-box at the workshop at the end of the tour. The tip-money will be divided according to scores on the evaluation-forms of the guides;
  • To help us to improve our tour we ‘d like to ask you to fill in an evaluation form after the tour;
  • You will join the tour on your own request and responsibility. Kiberatours will take no responsibility for lost property, accidents or other unforeseen incidents;
  • Though we feel Kibera is the most friendly slum in the world, in additon to your guide we will take security people with us on the tour (also to create some extra jobs). So you can just feel safe and relax. If you have any problems, please ask them to help you;
  • Enjoy Kibera!